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Homebuyers Program, Please take Survey


Gregorie Ferry Townhomes 2022:

1260 Allusion Lane, Mount Pleasant, SC 

36 Townhomes priced from $269,000-$310,000.

78% purchased by women.

Average age of all purchasers being 35.     

Developer: Prosperity Builders, LLC

Housing for All Mount Pleasant


Creating Affordable Housing in the Town of Mount Pleasant, Settlement Communities,  Sweetgrass Basket Communities, & Surrounding Charleston County

Helping Individuals of All Ages &  Intergenerational Families

School Teachers & Administrators, Hospital Support Staff, Firefighters & Paramedics, Police, Hospitality workers and lets not forget our Seniors who have been lifelong Mount Pleasant residents.

They all serve as the backbone of our community, yet the rise in housing costs has made it virtually impossible for them to rent or purchase a new home. Gregorie Ferry Town has changed this in Mount Pleasant.    Homeowners here can not only build equity and wealth but also benefit from reduced traffic and eliminate commute times.

We turn home ownership dreams into reality.

Maybe you were raised in Mount Pleasant but now can’t afford to return to rent or buy a home. Maybe you have lived in Mount Pleasant your entire life, but your rent just increased $300 per month for the third year in a row. Maybe your children convinced you to sell your home, and now at 70 you are sleeping on your daughter’s couch. Maybe you have been working in Mount Pleasant for over 10 years driving 50 miles each way to and from work.

If you earn less than 150% Area Median Income ($157,650 for a family of 4) then please register for our Homebuyers Program by reading the directions which you must initial and completing the form, which you then email.

We calculate the demand for affordable housing in Mount Pleasant to be 1000 affordable homes and apartments. We are working to make this happen for all the workers, teachers, police, fire, and nurses in Mount Pleasant. We need you to register and if you can please donate to the Affordable Housing movement.

We turn affordable rentals into reality.

Creating affordable apartment rentals to $995 to $ 1499 per month with wrap-around activities such as  gardening,  cooking lessons,  health clinics,  space for art and music lessons.

We help existing home owners add housing for their family or generate additional income through Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs):

If you own a home in Mount Pleasant, the Settlement Communities or surrounding Charleston County, you may have a need to: 

  • Generate additional income via renting out an ADU. 

  • Dad divorces mom who is raising young children leaving her with nothing.

  • Help a daughter with children with an affordable rental ADU. 

  • Help a lifelong Mount Pleasant Senior who has been priced out of their community.

    • Adult children forced mom/dad to sell the family home and are now sleeping on their daughter's couch. 

  • Mom/Dad is living with abusive adult children. 

  • Alimony is coming to an end after 20 years and mom will lose her home.

  • Help a young Mount Pleasant working professional whose rent increased by $400 per month!

  • Living on $2000 per month fixed income after living their entire life in the Town of Mount Pleasant.

These are just a few of the stories we hear from Mount Pleasant residents.

Click on these links to know more about ADUs....

According to Epic Economist financial Elder Abuse committed by family and friends averages $50,000. While Elder Abuse committed by those who are considered strangers averages $17,000. If you are aware of any child, spousal or elder abuse situation please contact:

Sherry Pompeii, Senior Center Coordinator 

Thomasena Stokes-Marshall Senior Center 

840 Klonitz Road 

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 


To learn about FBI training session on Elder Abuse

Police Officer Becky Tapia-Cooper 

Mount Pleasant Victims Unit 

(843) 849-2043



How should we subdivide family land before mom and dad pass on?

  • You will need a survey

Once the land is subdivided how do we retitle the deeds?

  • Visit your County Registrar of Deeds

       For Charleston County visit:  

                                   Register of Deeds Office

Should I put my land into a trust to protect my land for future generations?

  • Yes

Will I need a reputable architect, engineer and contractor? 

  • Yes. Housing for All Mount Pleasant has multiple reliable teams.

How much can I afford to spend to construct my family home?

  •  28% of your reliable gross monthly income

How can I finance building a new home on my family land?

  • United States Department of Agriculture

      Check your eligibility for housing

      or other types of financing HERE

Or HERE for Single Family Housing Self-Assessment

O.T. Wallace County Office Building
101 Meeting Street, Room 200
Charleston, SC 29401

Phone: (843)958-4800

Coast Line
New Home Owners
Building a House
Trees From Above
Aerial View of a Houses
Sustainable Energy
Row of Houses
Pack of Fish
Suburban Homes
Foggy Forest
Solar Panel Installation
Organic Home Garden

Our Movement: What We Do

● Building Trust with our neighbors by listening to their and their intergenerational families housing needs. 

● Creating housing for 851 Town of Mount Pleasant employees and Mount Pleasant Teachers who cannot afford to live where they work unless they were born in Mount Pleasant and inherited the family home. 

● Meeting with employers to gather data on employee commutes and housing needs. Tracking the staffing shortage and its impact on revenue and customer service. 

● Grandma’s house has been sitting empty for years. Coaching families on how to renovate these homes for families in need of housing in Mount Pleasant. 

● Helping parents with permanently disabled adult children create long term housing for their adult children. 

● Helping families add Accessory Dwelling Units to their property (to generate additional income or help their adult children with housing) by working closely with the Town of Mount Pleasant and Charleston County’s planning and zoning departments. 

● Work with Affordable Housing Developers to connect them with development opportunities and with land owned by the Town of Mount Pleasant and Mount Pleasant Water Works 
which may be available for affordable housing development.

● Working with Mount Pleasant financial institutions (banks) to help with financing affordable homes (mortgages); help the banks meet their Community Reinvestment Act requirements for affordable community development ; and examine bank owned real estate to repurpose for affordable housing. 

● Create discussion and dialogue between the Planning Departments of The Town of Mount Pleasant, the City of Charleston, Charleston County and North Charleston. The Municipalities Committee was created by our deceased founding Board Member Thomasena Stokes-Marshall. 

● Helping to redirect flooding by working with the Green Infrastructure Initiative (adding absorptive trees), the Town of Mount Pleasant and working with the State of South Carolina cleaning the ditches which were installed in 1735 by the British.



Housing for All Mount Pleasant needs to hear from you! How can we help you with housing in or around Mount Pleasant?

1. Please text us at 843-990-2168


2. Please email us at: 

Thank you! 

Everyone Counts!

 3. Please mail written feedback.

Please mail donations such as checks, stocks, bonds, crypto, or name Housing for All Mount Pleasant as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy, land or property:


Housing for All Mount Pleasant 

1000 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard 

Suite 103 Box 174 

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464-3135

Thank you! 

Everyone Counts!


Get Engaged

We need you to Volunteer! How can you help?

● Host a neighborhood meeting through your community association or HomeOwners Association. Housing for All Mount Pleasant would be honored to make a 30+ minute affordable housing presentation and listen to community concerns and take questions.. 

● Host a fundraiser for Housing for All Mount Pleasant with a neighborhood cookout, cocktail reception, potluck or Block Party! 

● If you have an Accessory Dwelling Unit sitting empty (there are 20+ accessory dwelling units in Mount Pleasant sitting empty) let us help long-term Mount Pleasant residents that are housing challenged or trying to escape elder abuse rent your ADU. 

● Please text or email addresses and pictures of empty lots, abandoned or underutilized homes, old empty churches or empty retail spaces in your neighborhood.

● Please contact Housing for All Mount Pleasant if you are interested in adding an Additional Dwelling Unit to your property. 

● Please contact Housing for All Mount Pleasant to help you with development of affordable housing on your property. 

● Attend Town Council Meetings the second Tuesday of each month to make two-minute public comments on changes in policy which make affordable housing in the Town of Mount Pleasant more unaffordable i.e. density and parking requirements to name a few. 

● Connect us with isolated seniors (names and phone numbers) in your neighborhood who would benefit by attending the Thomasena Stokes Marshall Senior Center. Scholarships are available for low-income senior memberships and activity fees. 

Housing for All Mount Pleasant has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that affordable housing is always a priority. 

Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. Come and join us.


Donation Boxes

Municipalities Committee

Liz Boyle, town of Mount Pleasant

Eileen Duffy, City of North Charleston

Chloe Stuber, City of Charleston

Tamara Avery, Charleston County

LoElla Smalls, Charleston County

Miriam Green, Mayor of Awendaw

Latoya Bowers-Bates, County of Charleston

Sandy Gagne, City of Charleston

Museum 2

Neighborhood Meet & Greets

Host a neighborhood meeting through your community association or HomeOwners Association. Housing for All Mount Pleasant would be honored to make a 30+ minute affordable housing presentation and listen to community concerns and take questions.

Making Posters

Empty Homes

 If you have an Accessory Dwelling Unit sitting empty (there are 20+ accessory dwelling units in Mount Pleasant sitting empty) let us help longterm Mount Pleasant residents that are housing challenged or trying to escape elder abuse rent your ADU.


1000 Johnnie Dodds Bvd. Suite 103 Box 174,

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464-3135


Please text when needed!

Thanks for submitting!

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