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is on an economic development mission to include nonprofit development for affordable homes and apartments for town employees, teachers, healthcare,  hospitality and other workers earning up to 120% Area Median Income.




  • Using Toxic Free Building Materials

  • Handicap Accessibility both mobility and sensory

  • EcoFlow Solor PowerKit

  • AquaTech Water Systems

Gregorie Ferry Townhomes (36 Homes)

Gregorie Ferry Town (Completed 10/2022)

  • Prosperity Builders LLC​

  • Gregorie Ferry Town Lenders

    • Shelter Mortgage

    • Premier Nationwide Lending

    • United Community Bank

  • HomeOwners Association:

    • Ben Brown, President​

    • Corinne Woolley

    • Adam Mikulski


Property Manger: Associa,

If you are planning on renting out your Gregorie Ferry Townhome you must first contact Justin to arrange to have your applicant of choice's income verified and then have their contact information and lease registered with the property manager. Short term leases are NOT permitted at Gregorie Ferry Town. 

Gregorie Ferry Town Qualified Improvement Letter: 

Gregorie Ferry Town Resale Calculation: 

Gregorie Ferry Town Fair Market Rental: 

HUD Income Limits Chart: 

  • Occupations

    • Tennis Pro​

    • Civil Design Engineer

    • Behavioral Health

    • Booking Agent

    • Nurse

    • Travel Agent

    • Physical Therapist

    • Respiratory Therapist

    • Production Manager

    • IT Administrator

    • Account Executive

    • Big Box/Specialty Retail Manager

    • Teacher

    • Salon Operations/Nail Tech

    • Dental Assistant

    • Paralegal

    • Firefighter/Paramedic


Carolina Park Townhomes (100 Homes)


Carolina Park Townhomes (Anticipated Completion 2026)

 Timeline Update to be released 4th Quarter 2024

  • Prosperity Builders LLC​

  • HUD Income Limits (family of 1-4 persons)

    • 25 Homes for people earning $84,100 up to $105,125​

    • 25 Homes for people earning $105,125 up to $126,150

    • 25 Homes for people earning $126,150 up to $157,650

    • 25 Homes (no income limit specified)

  • Closing Cost & Down Payment Assistance is Available

To Purchase a Home

  • HUD Income Limits

  • Ownership Training & Audit

  • Qualified Improvements

  • Resale Calculations

  • Sales Price Audit

Home Mortgage Financing

  • United Community Bank

  • FHA

  • USDA

  • Rocket Mortgage 1%

  • United Wholesale Mortgage 1% Conventional Mortgage

  • Zillow 1% Down Payment Mortgage


Wrap around Services

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