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The Cost of Inheritance": Meet the Descendants of Enslavers and Enslaved Fighting for Reparations

We look at The Cost of Inheritance, a new documentary that examines the growing movement for reparations for Black American descendants of people who were enslaved and addressing the historical injustices they have faced.

While some of this is being done by city and state commissions tasked with studying reparations, others are attempting to address systemic racism at the local and personal level, as detailed in the film. "It's pretty incredible, the pace in which we see reparations moving," says filmmaker Yoruba Richen, who is hopeful that this work will eventually push the federal government into action.

We also hear from Lotte Lieb Dula, a descendant of an enslaver in the Mississippi Delta, and Randy Quarterman, whose ancestor Zeike Quarterman was held in bondage, about how they are addressing the legacy of slavery in their personal lives.

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